5 myths and truths of the electroestimulación muscular

5 mitos y verdades de la electroestimulación muscular

It does not treat of a revolution or of a magic system of coaching as it is used to to announce in the commercial of television. It is rather the evolution of a complex model of coaching that until does no a lot was reserved to a sportive elite.

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But from it does some years, the electroestimulación muscular (EMS, by his acronyms in English) exited to the street and recently has popularised among the people that look for to reduce the time devoted to do exercise but obtaining the same or a main profit.

What is the electroestimulación muscular (EMS)?
It is a technician that uses a suitable electrical current to cause a muscular contraction of similar way to the impulses that sends the central nervous system to control the actions of the muscles. In the practical is a suit with electrodes that covers the body connected to a machine with different programs of coaching with which attains achieve in depth the muscular fibres that are more difficult to actuate by means of a conventional coaching.

"To say it of a way, is a simulation of a coaching interval of tall intensity or HIIT", explained Francisco Sánchez Diego, director of the feminine centre Vivafit of Santander, in Spain.

Sánchez Diego was a sceptic to the hour to incorporate the system of coaching of electroestimulación muscular to his gymnasium because it did not think that a machine with electrodes could offer some so fast effects with a load of low work.

"But I saw how with a methodology of work adapted yes offers good profits", signalled.

1. Myth: you will put You in shape in the sofa of your house

"The main myth is that it does not do fault a complementary work", said the preparador physical Spanish.
"It is true that have a quite strong stimulus in general to level of almost all the body and almost all the musculature. This definitely actuates you, burns a number of calories and generates a level of testosterone. But also you have to help to this stimulus and no tumbado in a stretcher".

The point that look for highlight Sánchez Diego is that, although it helps to the rehabilitation of injuries, does not treat of a physiotherapy, "that is a passive activity, but here it is necessary go doing movements".

"You go to win impulse, go to win force, muscular resistance, but is not that you go to be seated. The people has to go following a routine of postures depending on what was looking for", explained the Argentinian Fernando Troyansky, main instructor and owner of the chain of Firm gymnasiums 20, that also commissions of the distribution of squads of EMS.

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