The profits of the coaching with waistcoat of electroestimulación, backed by the science or alone marketing?

Los beneficios del entrenamiento con chaleco de electroestimulación, ¿respaldados por la ciencia o solo marketing?

Surely you will have heard to speak in the last months of the coaching with electroestimulación, one of the last novelties in fitness that has arrived to our country.

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By all the cities grow like mushrooms the venues where the star (and in occasions the only type of coaching) is the one of electroestimulación muscular, and that promise losses of weight and tonificación muscular with hardly 45 minutes of exercise to the week. It sounds well, eh?.

Perhaps for some join concepts like "electrical current" and "muscles" does not sound of the all well. But in reality it is something that spends doing already long, although in another format. We count you all what need to know on the coaching with electroestimulación: how it works, what says us the science, how applies and some testimony of people that are trying it.

What is and of where has exited the electroestimulación muscular?

As we said, the electroestimulación muscular is not a new concept, but it spends  using long so much in the field of the coaching as in the one of the physiotherapy, where is his origin. The thing is that before it applied of local form, only on a muscle or a muscular group at the same time, whereas now we apply it at the same time in distinct parts of the body.

Like this, the electroestimulación muscular consists in the use of an electronic device that generates electrical impulses that apply on our muscles so that they contract of involuntary form. Have in mind the "machines of abdominal" that sell in the teletienda in the mornings of summer where see to the gentleman that puts a device in the abdomen while it is tumbado in the sofa? Obviously, the devices that use in coaching or physiotherapy are not the same, but the concept is that: involuntary muscular contraction (without endeavour by the person that receives the electrical impulse).
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