Paula Echevarría, Sara Carbonero, Alba Carrillo… have achieved a body 10 with the electroestimulación. We count you what is!

Paula Echevarría, Sara Carbonero, Alba Carrillo… han conseguido un cuerpo 10 con la electroestimulación. ¡Te contamos qué es!

The electroestimulación has converted the fashionable coaching for terner a body 10. Paula Echevarría, Sara Carbonero or Alba Carrillo are some of which already have aimed to this new form of exercise, ideal for which do not have of long to go to the gimnacio. They are the best proof that it achieves modelar your figure and go down of weight in record time. You contámos what is and how does .

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What is the electroestimulación? Through some electrodes planted strategically in distinct points of the body,. The electroestimulación employs the electrical current to cause a muscular contraction, employing tall frequencies that improve the intensity of each exercise made as if we were doing an extra endeavour.

Some 20 minutes of coaching with the waistcoat of electroestimulación equivalen to 6 hours of intense exercise.

It limits the risk of injuries, since it is the muscle the one who works and averts to punish bones, ligaments and sinews.
When can work with high frequencies and augment the intensity of the exercise, can be selective with those parts of the body that want to work more specifically, as well as work with an intensity reduced or invalid in those zones where have an injury that have to take care and not punishing.

Sara Carbonero is another of the famous that has resorted to the electroestimulación to put in shape after being mother. The journalist of TV 5, guided by his trainer, Fernando Lobato, already has lost the kilos of more than remained him after giving to light and has tonificado his body.

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