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It is a HYDRODYNAMIC EFFECT that produces when any fluid, or the water in liquid state spend to big speed by a sharp edge, producing a Decompression of the fluid.

It occurs that it achieves the pressure of steam of the liquid. Of such form that the molecules change to the state of steam, forming bubbles ò CAVITIES. In the field of the health calls him CAVITACIÓN AESTHETIC. With the cavitador generate microburbujas to the interior of the tissues to end to break the structures of the adipocytes, DELETING THE FAT in zones that are difficult to penetrate by means of other treatments. THE CAVITACIÓN is then; a Phenomenon produced by the application of ULTRASONIC WAVES in liquids, requires to have a determinate power by WATTS (for example 30 Watts) applying in shape OF WAVE PRESSED or of intermittent generation. It characterises by the increase of the pressure and the temperature of cavities with gas and liquid that alter the superficial tension.

The ultrasonic waves applied (3Mhz) travel in the water to 1500 m/s, and in TISSUE GRASO To 1380 m/s. This produces that the adipocytes IMPLOTEN And BURST breaking the fibrosis without producing harms to the surrounding tissues. The bubbles formed travel to zones of main pressure and IMPLOTAN, that is to say, the steam returns to the liquid state of sudden way, «crushing» sharply to the bubbles. Afterwards then the cavitación breaks the deposits grasos of resistant zones releasing the fat by destruction of the adipose cell transforming the triglycerides to diglicéridos, to allow that they delete through the urine. By what this is a method of muscular reaffirmation and moldeadora of the body. TYPES OF CAVITACIÓN IN MEDICINE ESTETICA:

CAVITACIÓN STABLE: it Is the overpressure of the tissues, does that the fat spend of solid state to liquid to be deleted by the urine. Help to reduce the celulitis.

DOUBLE CAVITACIÓN: The bubbles generate by waves of different frequency, that elevate the internal temperature, accruing energy so that the adipose tissues break by the heat.

ULTRACAVITACIÓN: Medical ultrasounds of low frequency that break the tissues without affecting to the circulation.

The ultracavitación is the most recent technology of this method that bases his therapeutic action in the application of ultrasonic waves of big power. By means of differences of positive and negative pressure that creates an innumerable quantity nanoburbujas. The ULTRACAVITACION ®, unlike other ultrasounds, generates an upper power of the squad, of until 30 Watts, achieving like this an effect improved, to the reduction of the adipose tissue, of selective form, and sure. PRECAUTIONS And CONTRAINDICATIONS has to have SPECIAL CARE in:

1. In patients that do not have a renal and hepatic function healthy.
2. With pacemaker and Cardiovascular illnesses.
3. With Obesity Mórbida.
4. With Dislipidemias grave.
5. In Pregnant patients.
6. With illnesses of the lymphatic System.
7. Cancer
8. Illnesses autoinmunes.
9. Illnesses of the tissue conectivo. Since it CAN CAUSE An EMBOLISM CEREBRAL And PULMONARY FAT.

GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Any type of procedure has to aunarse to changes of the lifestyle like the have a healthy diet, drink natural water. Do exercise of agreement to the physical capacity of each person, maintaining constant discipline. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat