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There are not more excuses! The time no longer is a problem to be in shape, because in Kicar tnemos the best method for you, combining Electroestimulación (EMS) and Fitness with a professional follow-up.

They are many the people that follow asking reason incorporate an EMS.

First of everything, remember that the electroestimulación (or also known like EMS) is that that has by effect stimulate the muscles of the body (in concrete the fibres) to be able to exercise the muscles to suitability. Can stimulate so much to relax, as to strengthen them. It is true that in the tent of television, with his devices did a lot harm in his day selling products that did not serve for nothing, but at present the devices that use so much in gymnasiums, like centres of rehabilitation with the logotype of Xbody are synonymous of quality and confidence.

The electroestimulación local in physiotherapy

If unfortunately you have had some accident of car is likely that have used electrodes to stimulate the muscles . Like this, this type of electroestimulación is the one who commissions to stimulate all those muscles for a much faster recovery of the normal and like this can go back to exercise the muscles as they were before the accident

Electroestimulación Global

This type of electroestimulación is the one who has by object strengthen our muscles. Like this a sportsman that to part to do his normal coaching make also sessions of EMS with a biotraje, will be able to obtain a better performance and of form faster that without this coaching. This type of coachings always has to be supervised by a professional described for such effects to avert unnecessary injuries.

Biotraje Or waistcoat EMS

The biotraje is the one who commissions that all the electrodes are very placed and favours the step of current through the same. It is by this that is used by many personal trainers no only to strengthen, but even to be able to it use like method of adelgazamiento.

Improvement of the corporal posture with the EMS of XBODY

The electrodes go by the long of the vertebral column. These muscles is difficult that they can be coached, but with the EMS, these muscles will purchase more fortress and therefore will have better postures. Of this way, will have fewer aches related with the back.

Do that your muscles are better prepared

The electrodes are planted directly on each group of muscles, therefore is little likely that the impulses can not achieve the aim for which have designed . With some good personnel trainer all will be much easier.

It saves time with an EMS of XBODY

With the waistcoat EMS of XBODY,  will work the electroestimulación of simultaneous way, so only will do fault 20  minutes of coaching so that all the muscles of your body remain worked/stimulated. Like this you will be able to devote your time to other things or hobbies that interest you more.

Main rest in the articulations

With the exercises of weigh on work the muscles  and overburden the articulations. With a squad of EMS like the one of XBODY will work the muscles directly and like this will avert overburdens it in the articulations.

Improvement of your life

Working the muscles of your body will improve the blood circulation of the tissues, so will have a firmer skin and tonificada. Also you will work the deepest muscles and therefore you will avert the problems of a sedentary life.

So so much if you want to more information on the EMS of XBODY as if you want to begin to make money creating franchise, are to your disposal.

Recovery of injuries with Electroestimulación

The devices of electro stimulation (or EMS) are used to use to thin and exercise muscles, but also are adapted for the rehabilitation.

Today we speak in general terms on the EMS and his qualities  for rehabilitation.

It is likely that have seen some devices of electro stimulation and then have asked you: Really they work to rehabilitate? The response is a rotundo IF.

And this has a scientific base quite simple, since depending on the frequencies to which work the muscle can serve to coach or to recover.

Of this way, if we work the muscles in low frequencies, but a period of long time, will obtain an improvement in the circulation, help also to that there is more oxygen and creates an effect of lymphatic drainage. By the contrary, if what wanted to is to work the muscles, would be all the contrary. That is to say, it would be necessary to control the tall frequencies

Something very important is the placing of the electrodes. For this the best is to request the help of a qualified professional for such effects, since if we plant badly the electrodes can do more harm to the muscle or pull it of unsuitable way.

Finally, comment that the XBody Newave Med is an EMS approved to rehabilitate and reeducar the musculation and fulfils with the medical standards. So, if you are thinking in which is one of the best EMS and besides that it offer you the tranquility and guarantee, Xbody is your product.

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